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Embrace the expertise of Hurley & Powell Accountants, Western Sydney’s leading chartered accounting firm, serving small to medium businesses and individuals alike. Rooted in our philosophy is the unwavering commitment that every client, whether a small business, sole trader, or an individual, should benefit from strategic and tailored accounting and tax services that align with their needs.

Individual Tax Returns in Western Sydney

Individual tax returns can be a labyrinth, especially in New South Wales. Our registered tax agents, specialising in individual tax returns in the Western Sydney region, demystify this complex process. Our expert tax accountants delve deep into tax and accounting nuances to maximise your tax returns, giving you peace of mind.

Comprehensive Accounting and Tax Services in Western Sydney

  • Tailored Taxation Services: Tax laws are evolving constantly. Our qualified accountants and chartered accountants are on top of these changes, ensuring you receive optimal tax advice, tax preparation, and professional services tailored to both business clients and individuals.
  • Business & Personal Accounting: Navigating business tax, business advice, business activity statements, and personal finances can be overwhelming. Our vast range of services encompasses all aspects of accounting and taxation, ensuring you’re always ahead.
  • Bookkeeping Excellence: Elevate your business with our superior bookkeeping services. We emphasise accuracy, compliance, and a holistic approach to ensure your finances are in order.
  • Financial Planning & Advisory: Dreaming of financial success? Our financial planning professionals and business advisors guide you through both business and personal financial trajectories, ensuring your financial goals are met.

Service Excellence for Western Sydney’s Vibrant Community

Western Sydney, from the energetic alleys of Parramatta to the peaceful terrains of The Hawkesbury, Penrith, and Southern Suburbs, is a realm of contrasts. Our chartered accounting firm is poised to serve sole traders, small businesses, medium businesses, and every individual in this diverse region with service excellence.

Why Partner with Hurley & Powell Accountants?

  • Flexible Consultations: We offer evening slots for our clients’ convenience and telephone consultations for professionals on the move.
  • Swift Tax Return Processing: With our highly responsive approach, tax returns are processed efficiently, ensuring you receive your refunds typically within 14 days.
  • Versatile Payment Methods: Whether it’s a credit card, direct transfers, or an option to deduct our fee from your refund, we’ve got you covered.
  • A Broad Spectrum of Financial Solutions: Dive into our full range of services, spanning from management accounting, fringe benefits tax to business advisory. We’re not just tax agents; we’re your holistic financial partners.
  • Valuable Business Insights: Our business advisors, equipped with insights on cash flow management and business advice, are your go-to resource for tailored strategic advice.

Located in the Heart of Penrith

Strategically situated near Penrith Station, Penrith Plaza, and various bus stops, our office of Chartered Accountants is both conveniently located and easily accessible. With generous parking and seamless public transport links, clients from all over New South Wales find it effortless to reach us.


Elevate Your Financial Aspirations with Hurley & Powell

Our team of experienced accountants, enriched with professional advice, stands by your side in every financial decision. We’re not just an accounting firm; we’re partners in your financial voyage, helping small and medium businesses and individuals in the Western Sydney region achieve their dreams.

Engage with Western Sydney’s Elite Accountants

Let’s embark on your financial journey together. Connect with our experienced team at 02 4732 1026 for further information, and let us find solutions tailored to your unique challenges. With Hurley & Powell Accountants, expertise meets sincerity, ensuring your finances are always in expert hands.

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