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Here at Hurley & Powell Accountants in Penrith, numbers do more than just add up—they paint a narrative of growth, opportunity, and ambition. Rooted in the heart of Western Sydney, we’re more than just your typical accountants. We’re your partners in progress, blending professional expertise with a personal touch.

Whether you’re a sole trader finding your footing or a seasoned business scaling new heights, our team is here to guide, support, and celebrate every financial milestone with you.

Dive into an accounting experience that prioritises your dreams, your journey, and every milestone in between.

Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping | Penrith, Western Sydney

Expert Accounting Services for Penrith’s Small Businesses

Navigating the complex world of finances is no easy task. At Hurley & Powell Accountants, we offer a comprehensive range of accounting services tailored for small businesses in Penrith, NSW, and the greater Western Sydney area. We’re not just about numbers; we’re about nurturing your business’s growth and success.

Your Financial Partners in Business

In the dynamic world of business, every decision counts. Our team of dedicated public accountants understand that for businesses to thrive, they need more than just a company processing their paperwork. Our proactive approach means we monitor, manage, and advise – ensuring you’re in control and well-informed at every stage. As your dedicated financial partners:

Financial Partners in Business
  • Expertise Beyond Tax Returns: While we excel in ensuring timely and accurate tax returns, our proficiency spans the broader spectrum of accounting and taxation. From the intricacies of deductions to strategic tax planning, we’ve got you covered.
  • Sole Trader to SME: Whether you’re a budding sole trader or an established business, our tailor-made services cater to every scale, ensuring you’re never left without the right advice.
  • Building Trust: Our accountants prioritise client relationships, working tirelessly to understand your unique challenges and opportunities. Trust us to be more than just your accountants; consider us allies in your business journey.
  • Advice that Counts: In the world of taxation and accounting, one size doesn’t fit all. Our team provides individualised advice, positioning you for long-term success while navigating short-term hurdles.

Quarterly Business Activity Statements (BAS) with Insight

When you partner with us, we don’t just prepare your Business Activity Statements (BAS). With each quarterly submission, you receive a detailed profit and loss statement and balance sheet. This clarity helps businesses understand their finances and allows our team to offer timely advice and taxation strategies, eliminating year-end surprises.

Tax Services Tailored for You

  • Income Tax: Efficient preparation and returns, helping you understand your obligations and benefits.
  • Payroll Tax & Grade Tax: Let us handle the intricate details, ensuring you meet regulatory guidelines without stress.
  • Strategic Tax Planning: Our expertise ensures no nasty surprises come the end of the financial year.

Maintaining a clear financial picture is vital for every business. Our approach to your quarterly Business Activity Statements (BAS) ensures just that and more:

  • Transparent Reporting: Beyond submitting your BAS, we present you with transparent reports, giving you an unparalleled understanding of where your business stands.
  • Insightful Analytics: Armed with a detailed profit and loss statement and balance sheet every quarter, you can make informed decisions, ensuring the continued growth of your business.
  • Taxation Guidance: Navigating the realm of tax can be daunting. Our seasoned accountants demystify the process, offering timely taxation guidance that aligns with your business goals.
  • Proactive Approach: In the fast-paced business world, being reactive isn’t enough. With our insights, we anticipate challenges and seize opportunities, always staying one step ahead.

Setting Up or Acquiring a Business? We’ve Got Your Back!

Thinking of starting or purchasing a business? Our team provides invaluable advice on the most efficient structures to operate within. We don’t just advise; we help set up these structures, ensuring you’re positioned for success right from the start.

A Full Suite of Services to Support Your Business

From managing workers’ compensation declarations and fringe benefits tax to bookkeeping and more, our range of services ensures your business has all its accounting needs met under one roof.

Why Choose Hurley & Powell Accountants?

  • Local Expertise: As local Penrith accountants, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities businesses in the Western Sydney area face.
  • Friendly Yet Professional: Our office provides a friendly environment where your business’s growth is our top priority.
  • Services Across Industries: Our vast expertise spans a range of industries, ensuring tailored solutions regardless of your trade.
  • Achieve & Exceed: With our support, businesses don’t just achieve their financial goals, they exceed them.

Chart Your Financial Future with Confidence

Every ledger tells a story, and with Hurley & Powell Accountants by your side, yours is bound to be one of success, growth, and resilience. Ready to embark on a financial journey that not only meets your goals but surpasses them? Our team is eager to weave that next chapter with you.

Join the hundreds of individuals and companies across Penrith who have entrusted their finances to Hurley & Powell Accountants. Let’s explore how we can propel your business forward. Call us today at (02) 4732 1026 and let’s make those business dreams a tangible reality. Your success story starts with one conversation. Let’s begin.

Our Small Business Accounting Services Are Available in the Following Areas:

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